Olivia Lennox
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Polite , Girly , Popular, Romantic, Picky, Nice, Somtimes manipulative


Student at Illyria

Hair Colour

Dirty Blonde

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Relationship Staus

Girlfriend of Sebastian

Olivia Lennox is one of the Main Characters of 2006 American romantic-comedy movie, She's the Man. She is portrayed by Laura Ramsey.


Olivia is a girly, beautiful girl, who dreams of finding a real man. She sometimes uses people to get what she wants, but deep down she's a good person. She's very kind and polite and knows how to behave as a debutante. She has very pretty blonde hair.


Duke Orsino Edit

Olivia doesn't love Duke because she thinks he isn't the right guy for her. Olivia goes on a date with Duke to make "Sebastian" jealous, remaining far more interested in Sebastian than Duke.

Fake SebastianEdit

Olivia falls in love with fake Sebastian ( Viola) because he isn't like the other boys. She likes his sensitive side and his manners. Towards the end of the movie she finds out that "Sebastian" is actually Viola.

Real Sebastian Edit

She kisses the real Sebastian when he returns to Illyria at night. She doesn't realize that he is the real Sebastian , not the one she has known the whole time. Towards the end of the movie she ends up falling in love with the real Sebastian and blushes right in front him with a cute smile. SHE ALSO GOT BESTED BY MONIQUE IN A CAT FIGHT. POOR GIRL, SHES SO HOT AND ADORABLE I JUST WANT TO HUG HER AND PROTECT HER FROM THAT JEALOUS MONIQUE. GO OLIVIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!